Dr. Jonathan Liss, MD

Dr. Jonathan Liss, MD


It is an exciting time to be in the field of memory care and I am very proud to help Columbus, Georgia be on its leading edge.  I'm Dr. Jonathan Liss, founder of Columbus Memory Center (CMC)  and originator of The Columbus Memory Project™ (CMP).  Columbus Memory Center was created to diagnose and treat memory disorders with the recognition that many causes of cognitive dysfunction are curable, and those that are not, have meaningful treatments. Thinking disorders not only affect the person who is stricken, but the entire family and fabric of those to whom the sufferer comes into contact as financial, social and work related decisions can become quite clouded and confusing. It is therefore critical to detect, diagnose and intervene as early as possible. This reduces family and work place strain, poor financial decisions, protection from scams, and increases awareness of safety issues. In short, early detection of thinking difficulties allows for the maximum opportunity to maintain independence.


The Columbus Memory Project™ was designed to make Columbus, Georgia  the “brain healthiest” city in the world. It is a partnership between the Columbus Memory Center, Columbus city government and the Alzheimer’s Association. As it stands, most seniors know their blood pressure, cholesterol level, and cardiac status. Yet, few people know the health of their brains. Correcting this glaring deficiency in health care is why the Columbus Memory Project™was started, and it is why I have invented the world’s first vital sign for brain health.


I call it the Memory Number®. It allows seniors to track their cognitive status from year-to-year to help ensure stability of brain health. Offered for free to Columbus and area residents, it is an easy way to measure thinking, and therefore have a sense of cognitive stability or early detection of cognitive decline. The Memory Number® is a self-administered test that takes 15-30 minutes to complete. It is now being offered throughout the community, but can always be obtained without an appointment at Columbus Memory Center. I have tried to make obtaining the Memory Number® as easy as possible: It is free. You do not need an appointment. You do not see a doctor. Your results will be mailed to you about two weeks after you complete the test.


As a doctor approaching thirty years of practice, I have experienced a time when it was difficult to make an accurate diagnosis of memory loss, cognitive decline or dementia. I have experienced a time when I could make a confident diagnosis but could offer little or nothing in the way of treatment. I have experienced a time when I asked patients and families to partake in research with the hope of helping the next generation, but not themselves. Now, my profession has become quite good at making accurate diagnoses. We have proven that healthier lifestyles can prevent up to 1/3 of all dementias. We have the ability to council patients and families on the best ways to maintain independence. We have developed medication interventions with established benefits. Our research appears to be on the precipice of major breakthroughs with FDA approved clinical trials. We are also now trying to prevent Alzheimer's disease from ever starting with research medications for those we know will soon be stricken. 


It is indeed an exciting time to be in the field of memory care. I believe that I will have started in a field that could offer little or nothing to prevent, treat, or even diagnose memory disorders but will end my career with turning Alzheimer’s disease into a mere nuisance. Please join me protecting your brain, and in so doing, making Columbus, Georgia, “Cure City”.