When It Is Someone You Know-It's So Real!


As I was watching the news the other night, I name in a story caught my eye. I looked up and was surprised to find out that the story was about someone I had known since I was a child, someone I had loved and had helped to form me into the person I am today through association at church.  This was a person that I remembered as being full of energy, always positive, and one of the most genuinely nice people I had ever met. Floods of memories of playing with his kids on the church grounds and singing as his wife played the piano...and then it hit me. While I still had all these wonderful memories of him, he may not longer remember me. Alzheimer's disease is thief that not only robs the person with the disease of memories but robs everyone around them as well. I am so excited about the breakthroughs that are being made and honored that Columbus has an influential part in this fight through the work of the Columbus Memory Center and the Columbus Memory Project. As someone who was born and raised in Columbus and had the opportunity to travel all over the world, I am so proud of where I am from and the all the great things that continue to happen from our city. Congratulations Dr. Liss and team for all your hard work and thank you even more for what you are doing to eradicate Alzheimer's in our lifetime.

Guest Blogger: Sandy Ellingson

Original Content: WRBL TV Station, Columbus, GA

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