The Columbus Memory Project

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Combat Memory Loss

The Columbus Memory Project is designed to combat memory loss and make Columbus, GA a world-wide leader in the fight to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease. Over a three-year period, the Columbus Memory Center will work to educate area residents on proven ways in which to keep the brain healthy and to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Making History in a Healthy Way

For the first time in history, an entire city will be engaged in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease—a disease that affects one out of every nine people above the age of 65. With 19 new drugs potentially becoming available in the next five years and 57 new drugs in the research pipeline altogether (according to Researchers against Alzheimer’s), the future for Alzheimer’s patients and families is beginning to look quite bright.

Starting in Columbus

" With a city engaged, we can create tremendous momentum to take brain health seriously; encourage early diagnosis; and rapidly fill research enrollment goals so that medications can come to the rescue much more quickly. With the help of the citizens of Columbus, the world will take a giant step toward defeating Alzheimer’s disease. "

- Programs Creator, Dr. Jonathan L. Liss, M.D.

Living Well: A Guide for Seniors

To help with this educational initiative, tens of thousands of copies of Dr. Liss’ self-help booklet Living Well: A Guide for Preserving Independence with Senior Moments, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease will be distributed without charge. Regular town-hall style meetings will be held where residents can “ask the doctor” memory-related questions. In addition, there will be opportunities to sign up for first in-the-world, FDA-approved Alzheimer’s disease medication prevention research trials.

Our trials are offered at no cost to participants

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